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Holly Spirit for Christians and Muslims


For Christians it is the 3rd person on Trinity, made by the same substance of Father (God) and Son (Jesus). The 3 persons all together are GOD, but with a different ways to report.
Trinity means GOD is ONE: “One in essence and undivided”.
The Oriental Orthodox Church (Greek, Russian, Syrian, Alexandria of Egypt) believes that the Holly Spirit comes only by Father (God); however, the catholics believe that this comes from both: Father (God) and Son (Jesus).
For Muslims the Holly Spirit is quite important. In Muslims opinion the Holly Spirit gave the order, for prophet Jesus, to be born by a Virgin (Maria). Gabriel Archangel gave the “word” of God to prophet Mohamed, “word” became The Quran.
Conclusion: Orthodoxes and Muslims have a different opinion from catholics, they think that Holly Spirit comes directly from God, can’t be a person it’s Spirit of GOD – THE ONLY ONE.


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